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Re: Screen Depth Color


I'm 99.9% certain that RDP 5.0 in Win2K terminal services only supports 
8 bit color.  If you have a Windows XP Professional box with terminal 
services enabled you could try connecting to it.  I think RDP 5.1 
supports 16 and/or 24 bit color.

Hope that helps,


Pedro de Carvalho Gomes wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have been using rdesktop to access a Windows 2000 Server w/ Terminal 
> Services, RDP 5.0 for quite a long time. The rdesktop version I am 
> running right now is 1.1.0-pl19-8-4, and I have read that there is 
> support for different color depth at this version.
> The problem is that just can't make rdesktop to work with other color 
> depth than 256 colors (8 bits). I tried passing the -D 16, to use 16 
> bits, but it still got 8 bits. If I try to pass -D 24 arg, I a useless 
> screen, all messeup.
> The question is: do I have to make any change at Terminal Server 
> Config?  Am I doing something stupid with rdesktop?
> Some info: I am running rdesktop at a Conectiva Linux 7.0, XFree v. 4.0.3
> I'd appreciate a lot any help,
> Thanks in advance,
> Pedro Gomes