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Re: rdesktop on Mac OSX

Those didn't work for me. However I bit the bullet and dived into the code to see what I could see.

Lots of hacking later I had figured out most of the key codes, etc etc.

All the basic keys are working. Keys I haven't mapped yet include the function keys and the apple key to windows key (Not sure what code needs to be sent for that.)

Attached is a patch for xwin.c and a kbcodes.h file.

Please let me know if you have any success with this!

- Dave
// kbcodes.h for Mac OSX
// David Boone <dave@iboone.net>
// Nov. 30, 2001

unsigned long kbcodes[][2]={
	{0x3a,0x29},	// ~
	{0x1a,0x2},		// 1
	{0x25,0xb},		// 0
	{0x3b,0xe},		// backspace
	{0x38,0xf},	// tab
	{0x14,0x10},	// q
	{0x2b,0x19},	// p
	{0x32,0x2b},	// \

	{0x41,0x41},	// caps lock
	{0x8,0x1e},		// a
	{0x2f,0x28},	// '
	{0x2c,0x1c},	// return

	{0x40,0x2a},	// shift
	{0xe,0x2c},		// z
	{0x34,0x35},	// /

	{0x42,0x38},	// alt
	{0x3c,0x1c},	// enter
	{0x43,0x37},	// ctrl

	{0x7b,0xc7},	// home
	{0x7f,0xcf},	// end
	{0x7c,0xc9},	// pg up
	{0x81,0xd1},	// pg down

	{0x83, 0xcb},	// left
	{0x84, 0xcd},	// right
	{0x85, 0xd0},	// down
	{0x86, 0xc8},	// up
//	{0x3f, 0xdb},	// apple-windows key


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On Friday, November 30, 2001, at 01:31 AM, mandrup wrote:

try to compile 1.1.0 with these 2
thes files ar made with the patch that Michel Billaud posted...

plaes mail me back i you get it working cause i have nnot got a winbox to test on....(it compiles fine!)
On Friday, November 30, 2001, at 12:40 AM, GOULD Tim wrote:

Unfortunately 1.1.0 doesn't have -N, and 1.0.0-19-7-5 doesn't compile (that
I have managed so far...)

This is on OS X 10.1.1.

Any help would be appreciated...

Tim Gould.

If it's not on fire, it's a software problem.

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use rdesktop -N - that works for me on osx 10.1.1

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